Uniting Phyigital Retail

Malls & Retail Operators

Malls and retail operators like airports, shopping centers, and promenades create their own mCart omnichannel marketplace and affiliate sales platform to unite digital and physical operations. mCart acts as a phygital vending machine for the whole real estate space.

Benefits of mCart for Malls & Retail Operators Include: 

New Omnichannel Revenue

Don’t stay siloed in the world of brick & mortar and lose business to e-commerce. Use mCart to create local and universal omnichannel marketplaces for all your retailers to sell in person and online, closing the gap between your offline and online worlds.

mCart content access
Build Direct Relationships with Shoppers

mCarts engages shoppers in the content they’re already consuming, giving them a 360-degree view of the products with lookalikes, real-time coupons, featured content, and buying options. At the end, mCart places shoppers in the stores’ checkouts.

Influencers mCarts in marketplace
Influencer Marketing

All influencers—from your aunt to the biggest Hollywoods stars—can make mCart smart shopping carts, promote them on social media and in content, and seamlessly receive affiliate payment for their influence using blockchain smart contracts.

Shop in Real-World Context

mCart Shop-able Walls on interactive displays and mCarts posted behind content make cross-touchpoint shopping possible. Shoppers discover products in real-world context, and then send their carts from content or Walls to their phone, share with others or communicate with on-site salespeople.

Shop-able Wall at DSE
Full-Control Turnkey Solution

Control everything about your mCart marketplace using powerful yet intuitive controls. The platform is highly modular, meaning it can be customized to your needs with minimal engineering.

mCart Sales Snapshot
Actionable Data & CRM

Get data about every step along the path to purchase to learn more about your customers and what’s driving them to buy. Then put all that data to use with mCart’s AI-driven CRM.

mCart analytics

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