Monetize All Your Assets

The mCart C-Commerce PaaS

Mavatar’s flagship product combining the suite of mCart solutions to create the ultimate asset monetization platform.

mCart Creates C-Commerce

The mCart platform as a service lets organizations run their entire C-Commerce by leveraging mCart’s different solutions within one unified control tower.

What is C-Commerce?

C-commerce is the future of commerce. The “C” stands for consumer-centric, contextual, crypto, collaborative and connected commerce.

Only C-Commerce can meet the modern consumer’s demand for a fun, social and rewarding shopping experience while also keeping retailers competitive in the omnichannel age.

Organizations can enter the C-Commerce age by using mCart’s full suite of solutions to monetize all their assets.

mCart C-Commerce Suite of Solutions

Learn more about all the features of the mCart C-Commerce platform.

Next-Gen Shopping Cart

Creating a new standard for the online shopping cart.

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Omnichannel Marketplace

Marketplace featuring top 500 retailers and omnichannel buying options.

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Shop-able Wall

Solution for interactive displays that creates digital version of physical inventory with omnichannel options.

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Blockchain Affiliate Sales

Track attribution fairly and transparently with blockchain.

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Shop-able Content Publishing

Unite content with shopping for the ultimate contextual commerce experience.

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Omnichannel Sales Portal

Real time information tracking the entire path to purchase—on and offline.

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