Omnichannel Marketplace-as-a-Service

mCart omnichannel marketplaces are a turnkey solution that organizations can use to monetize all their assets. The mCart omnichannel marketplace has been designed to to create a superior ecommerce experience. The marketplaces are the core of the mCart C-Commerce PaaS, fully integrated with all of the C-Commerce suite of solutions.

Take a tour of our pilot marketplace for red carpet advertising and marketing agency the FX Group to see how mCart creates a brand new asset monetization opportunity for marketplace operators

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FXG mCart marketplace

Welcome to the FXG marketplace!

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Browse curated mCarts from Featured Influencers like social media stars and the awards shows themselves! Get inspired by their curated collections and see the content that the mCarts relate to.

FXG mCart marketplace carts
FXG mCart marketplace categories

Shop product categories. The FXG marketplace has a robust product inventory featuring major retailers like Walmart, Zara, and Forever 21. Shop them all with mCart's clean marketplace interface and robust search functionality.

Universal access to the marketplace. Direct users from anywhere to the mCart marketplace with the shop-able content publishing platform. Plus shoppers can find products using visual search. If you can create the content, you can link it to mCart!

FXG mCart marketplace products
mCart Tina Fey at Golden Globes

The smartest shopping cart has been built into the mCart marketplace. The mCart Next-Gen Shopping Cart features omnichannel checkout, multiple retailers, automatically applied promos, and the ability to be shared anywhere.

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